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wiseguy edit delete reply
This is a lovely and entertaining comic! It was drawn very well and with attention to details. Thank you for letting me read it. Good luck on your future projects! :)
IndyN8rist (Guest) edit delete reply
I always was interested in reading this comic, but never could because of my language barrier. Thank you for this fantastic translation! I only wish we could read more of the story. Beautiful art and amazing story idea! Is there any chance that there will be more in the future? I hope so!
JirkaRybka edit delete reply
Roman is currently producing a different story "Dračica", page by page... When it'll be ready (complete?), I might try another translation :-)
c5nus (Guest) edit delete reply
Very entertaining and well written and drawn. Thank you for your good work to the artist and the translater!

Pete (Guest) edit delete reply
The drawings are so naturalistic. Great art and cool story.
Centauri4 (Guest) edit delete reply
The only confusing part was the encounter with the police on the road BEFORE Textyran went back in time and altered the course of the future. Those clothed police appeared to early in the story, but every other part was wonderful!
janykula edit delete reply
Well, the clothed police was a result of the rebellion started by Textyran in nearby city. He managed to poison most of the city with the clothes dropped from the sky, and these policemen were just too eager to get back to the good old schemes of persecution... It was just a local confusion at the time, though.
Beholder (Guest) edit delete reply
Thank you for translating and sharing this wonderful evocative art. The comic strip drawings make it look so easy to create the art but that just shows how good the artist really is. Congratulations on the artwork and the drawings, they're fabulous,
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
I see I haven't missed much. The text walls here are all I need to know exactly how the rest of the story played out. The world was a utopian society~ where everyone embraced naturism. But then the BIG BAD EVIL TEXTILE came and ruined the utopia. Oh, but there's a message tacked on at the end to make it sound like you had a more nuanced perspective all along.

This comic has all the subtlety of an exploding oil tanker. It is as complex as a blank sheet of paper. In other words, it's just like every other bit of naturist 'media' out there. Loxie & Zoot, Age of Aenya, Act Naturally, they're all ultimately the same: nothing but a vehicle for the creators' message.

That's why naturist authors, yourself included, always end up just preaching to the choir. That's why naturist fiction never gets noticed outside your own little isolated community. Because naturist authors have no imagination. Most of them can't even write a story that takes place somewhere other than a nudist resort. Even if they do somehow manage to come up with a different setting, the story will still have the only message they know how to write. It gets really old really fast.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
People don't just tend to oppose such stuff as manifestos and revolutions for no reason. It's because they always end up creating even more problems. Change has to happen organically, force doesn't create solutions. If nudity were suddenly legalized right now, people wouldn't just decide to adopt naturism en masse just like that. Instead there would be a lot of confusion, and more than likely a bit of resistance. It would probably be awhile before nudity in any form started being adopted into the mainstream, assuming the status quo didn't get restored a year or two later.

Allow it to progress at a natural pace. Then once it is finally time to talk about legalizing it, the world will be ready. But the world isn't quite there yet, and using force won't make it get there any faster.
janykula edit delete reply
Well, you have some valid points about life being an amazingly complex thing, but this story is just a little comic drawn for fun - both author's and certain website visitors at the time. Don't expect too much from a comics. If you don't like it, you are free to go away.
Alex2 (Guest) edit delete reply
Very enjoyable comic. I would like to see more. Is Dracica going to be completed by Mr. Bures?