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wiseguy edit delete reply
This is a lovely and entertaining comic! It was drawn very well and with attention to details. Thank you for letting me read it. Good luck on your future projects! :)
IndyN8rist (Guest) edit delete reply
I always was interested in reading this comic, but never could because of my language barrier. Thank you for this fantastic translation! I only wish we could read more of the story. Beautiful art and amazing story idea! Is there any chance that there will be more in the future? I hope so!
JirkaRybka edit delete reply
Roman is currently producing a different story "Dračica", page by page... When it'll be ready (complete?), I might try another translation :-)
c5nus (Guest) edit delete reply
Very entertaining and well written and drawn. Thank you for your good work to the artist and the translater!

Pete (Guest) edit delete reply
The drawings are so naturalistic. Great art and cool story.
Centauri4 (Guest) edit delete reply
The only confusing part was the encounter with the police on the road BEFORE Textyran went back in time and altered the course of the future. Those clothed police appeared to early in the story, but every other part was wonderful!
janykula edit delete reply
Well, the clothed police was a result of the rebellion started by Textyran in nearby city. He managed to poison most of the city with the clothes dropped from the sky, and these policemen were just too eager to get back to the good old schemes of persecution... It was just a local confusion at the time, though.